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As a team committed to client contentment, Netstager goes that extra mile in delivering results that work. We have successfully completed over 350 projects till date for a vast clientele that cuts across market segments. From draft to execution, there is a process that we employ for the step-by-step progression of a project. The strategies, the ideas, the tools, the tips – all that made these projects successes are here for you to see and analyse.

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Case Study 01

Mazoon Printing, Publishing and Packaging

Mazoon Printing Press is one of the largest presses based in the Sultanate of Oman. Incorporated in the year 1968, they are the most progressive and professionally managed printing company in the Middle East region.

They are specialists in printing high-quality books, flyers, magazines, brochures, annual reports, directories, paper packaging and paper bags for local sales in Oman and exports to the Middle East, Africa and the UK.

Clients Business Objectives

Mazoon features the latest printing and binding machinery to ensure high standards in print production. Built upon a strong founding vision, Mazoon Printing Press has grown into a global printing company, catering to a wide range of clients in local and international markets. They are also excited to move forward, meeting the challenges of new technological solutions, building on the creativity of our professional team and delivering finished products that add a vision of colours to your world. The company now wanted to make its strong digital footprint. Their objective was to showcase the services at Mazoon and reach out to new audiences in the market using social media platforms. This is when they contacted Netstager, a full-service digital marketing agency well versed in SEO. With us, they wanted to establish the following objectives

  • Establish themselves as a leader in its field of Printing, Publishing and Packaging.
  • Netstager had to position Mazoon for what they believed in, a cool and geeky place to work.
  • They wanted our help in spreading the word about Mazoon Printing being a leader in Printing, Publishing and Packaging.
  • Mazoon wanted us to help them in sharing their achievements and success stories of the company on social media for generating more traffic to their website.

Challenges We Faced

The challenge was how to showcase a strong technology-based company like Mazoon as a cool place to work at. We analysed to find out that we can effectively use social media for posting about Mazoon to make it popular among the people. If we promote the right content about the organisation in a presentable way on social media, then more and more people will know about the company and there will be more traffic to the website.

Strategies adopted by Netstager

Netstager adopted various Social Media Marketing strategies to help Mazoon grow their business.

  • We chose to take the Mazoon Printing brand live on 3 prominent social platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • We also created a unique content calendar for each platform.
  • Since Oman was an Arabic country we had made creatives and content in Arabic also in order to attract the local citizens.
  • We used custom created posters, short videos to depict the services Mozoon was offering.
  • Apart from that, we conducted contests, puzzles and giveaways to attract new customers.

Results Achieved

So far the results of the social media exercise for Mazoon has been outstanding. Since the beginning of activities in mid-2020, we have achieved tremendously. Within 2 months, they , with a lot of buzz being generated about Mazoon. Most importantly, we were able to find out that these marketing initiatives were drawing the right audience to Mazoon Facebook page. We have generated a considerable fanbase on both Twitter and LinkedIn too. This positive sales pitch has been achieved by the addition of social media marketing strategies to the organisation's business planning. Netstagers strategies have helped Mazoon in the following aspects

  • It helped them in growing their brand awareness.
  • Linking social media initiatives with their website helped in gaining more traffic to their page.
  • All our efforts have helped them in promoting their service among the people in the Sultanate of Oman.

Entrusting your digital marketing initiatives with Netstager is always helpful because we are good at scheduling and managing your social media workflow and we can also help organisations with measuring their performance with social analytics.

Case Study 02

British Orchard Nursery - Dubai

British Orchard Nursery is the Middle East’s first and largest nursery chain to be ISO certified for Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety to the latest standards.

BON has been awarded over 25 International and National Quality Awards including the Sheikh Khalifa Excellence Award, the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award, the Dubai Human Development Appreciation Award, and the Dubai Quality Appreciation award for its dedication to providing quality services and business excellence.

Clients Business Objectives

Despite being an ISO certified and award-winning nursery in Dubai, their audience was quite narrow. The company had the following objective to achieve.

  • They wanted to run digital marketing campaigns targeting the parents and relatives of children between the ages of 1-6 years.
  • They wanted to get more sign-ups for their online curriculum and online app.
  • They wanted to be advertised online as one of the best nurseries in Dubai catering to create a culture of excellence, and also being valued for its quality and ethics.
  • They wanted to leverage digital marketing to increase their profit margins by bringing the attention of more and more parents about their service.
  • BON wanted to run digital campaigns that echo out that the organisation has created a positive impact on the society it operates by continual improvement and systematic innovation at every step of its functioning.

Challenges We Faced

The major challenge was that we only had a narrow audience to target. We should be able to convince the parents and relatives of kids between the ages of 1 and 6. Moreover, parents were not willing to send their kids to kindergarten due to the pandemic. We had to design campaigns that gave more importance to online classes and applications too.

Strategies adopted by Netstager

Our team at Netstager did some analysis on how to increase BON’s social media presence and attract more kids to join the nursery. We formulated the following strategies to drive BONs sales.

  • We have started by creating Google ads and also posting social media ads for the nursery
  • Youtube Marketing allows businesses to showcase the various features of their facility interestingly. Netstager made use of Youtube to target the desired audience with informative and testimonial videos of parents.
  • We used remarketing campaigns on social media for targeting returning customers with the latest offers.

Results Achieved

The results achieved after the campaign by Netstager was awe-inspiring. We have for the past year generated more than 5000 leads out of social media. The brand presence increased by a whopping 400%. BON became the talk of the town. More and more people became interested in the activities of the nursery. Our digital marketing initiatives brought a lot more visitors to their webpage.

The promotional strategies that leveraged social media strategies was a huge success. It was a wise decision by British Orchard Nursery to entrust their digital marketing and social media campaigns to Netstager as all our campaigns were a huge success as it was implemented professionally and cost-effectively.

Case Study 03

Crescent Builders - Calicut

Crescent Builders is one of the leading builders in Calicut and the most preferred homemakers of Kozhikode who have transformed the luxury lifestyle in Calicut by offering world -class living spaces adorned with world -class amenities and conveniences to the most discerning home buyers. Crescent Builder offers the finest and well-designed premium apartments, quality homes and flats that perfectly fit your budget.

Clients Business Objectives

Crescent builders were distinguished for ideal locations, functional designs, superior quality, timely delivery and exceptional customer care, renowned for ethical dealings and honest pricing. To propagate their values, they needed a social media presence. They wanted to increase the online presence and hence utilise digital marketing for increased sales. Kerala houses a large number of builders and realtors. We also know that covid had a huge impact on the real estate market. So to stand above the competition, a strong digital marketing plan was indispensable.

Challenges We Faced

When it comes to designing digital marketing strategies for a builder it is a tedious task. As there are indirect customers, mediators and customers who are merely performing window shopping among the niche of audience. It was a great challenge to target the right group of potential buyers.

Strategies adopted by Netstager

After a detailed analysis of the case of Crescent Builders, our very experienced team at Netstager designed various digital marketing strategies to help the builder boost their presence in the online media.

  • We effectively leveraged SEO, Google Ads, Social Media and Youtube to reach out to the target audience and to stay engaged in social media.
  • Video marketing is an effective medium for communicating with the audience and boosting conversion and sales. We made use of Youtube to promote the details about Crescents projects and also their customer testimonials for the same reason. We shot a professional video and it was marketed to good effect. They were very glad that their interior design video became the first search result for the keyword ‘Interior design in Calicut’.

Results Achieved

Initially, it was very difficult to sell out their apartments with no major social media initiative. Once our campaign was launched the following changes were implemented.

  • Crescent Builders managed to sell 40% of their units in a newly launched project.
  • They are confident in all our marketing activities that online advertising is now the only marketing channel they adopt.
  • Crescent Builders have realised that the positive impact of social media on business is immense. It helps to boost brand visibility among potential customers in a cost-effective way
  • The biggest benefit that they received with Social Media Marketing is that they were able to capture the attention of potential customers across the globe.

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