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Increase your revenue with our digital marketing services. No matter what you do to build your brand and business, what really creates an impact and impression these days is your online image. With new avenues opening up in digital marketing, it has become important for businesses to create that identity that would separate them from the competition. Offering a handful of fruitful digital marketing solutions, we at Netstager have helped many brands create their own dominant domain in the digital world, a factor that has helped them attain great success.

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Digital Marketing in Calicut
Digital Marketing in Kerala

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For us, being your internet marketing consultant isn’t just about running as yet another agency. It is about having a closer relationship than a client-agency deal. We work closely with our clients, almost as if we are a part of their team and are invested in your success. Our team members are experts in various activities related to digital marketing including SEO, web development, content marketing, PPC advertising, UI/UX design analytics and much more. Crafting the right digital marketing strategies would help your business thrive and ensure steady flow of revenue.

No matter what your industry is, our digital marketing services will consistently deliver the right results for you.

Get connected to your customers

Every customer is special to a business. That is why it is essential that your business connects with them. We will help you achieve this. Talk to our experts and get to know how.

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A Digital Marketing Agency in Kozhikode
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As a full-service digital marketing agency, Netstager offers a range of top-notch digital marketing services that are designed to produce promising benefits. Understanding your business deeply, we arrive at execution plans that will take your brand to the right audience, ensuring leads and conversion that will keep you soaring high. Have a look at some of what we do for you:


Netstager offers a range of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services that helps your brand fly high in the digital space. With an effective set of SEO tools and strategies, we will help you find results you will love.

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Google Ads
Google Ads

Google Ads are one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to advertise your brand online. However, it is important to know when, how and whom to send your message out to. This is where we can help you.

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Social Media Management
Social Media Management

If you are not in social media, your brand is missing out on a world of opportunities. We help you create and manage your social media handles and helps you create your space and identity in a very convincing way.

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PPC Management
PPC Management

Netstager offers PPC advertising services that would help you to target the right customers for your business. This would generate a constant and consistent flow of leads that can aid you in boosting your profits.

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Email Marketing
Email Marketing

Despite the surge in various digital marketing means, emails continue to generate good results when it comes to pushing your brand in the best manner. Avail our email marketing services and see the outcome for yourself.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

Maximize your website effectiveness with the Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) provided by Netstager. It helps you redefine customer experiences, resulting in augmented growth.

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The way we work

Digital Marketing in India
your business:
  • We understand your current position
  • We evaluate where you can go
  • We analyse the challenges before you
  • We focus on your market and create USPs
Data Plans
Arriving at plans based on data
  • Our online internet marketing services will help you overcome your challenges
  • You can beat your competition
  • We will take your business to more customers
Close Collaboration
Our comprehensive digital strategy helps to:
  • Develop a conversion-focused website
  • Build a solid ad strategy
  • Drive organic traffic with planned SEO
Fine Tuning
Fine-tuning your campaign to achieve:
  • Increased Traffic
  • More conversions
  • Improved sales
  • Assured ROI

Work with an award-winning & growth focused digital agency

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  • Nasscom Member

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Netstager vs other
digital marketing companies

Quicker Results
83% quicker

Working with Netstager fetches you faster, assured results than the normal industry standard.

Organic Traffic
Organic Traffic
Growth of 31%

Every year, we are able to assure our clients an organic traffic increase of 31%.

Revenue increases
Revenue increases by 128%

Over a period of 2 years, our clients get to experience a revenue growth of 128%.

6.1x ROI

Our clients are assured of a solid 6.1x Return On Investment after executing their campaigns.

Why Clients Choose our
Digital Marketing Agency

Taking on a new client means that we feel 100 percent confident in our abilities to deliver results. Our digital
marketing agency will get to know you and your business goals to help execute smart deliverables that
produce measurable KPIs.

Why Clients Choose
  • We’re masters of both inbound and outbound strategies
  • Proven track record growing clients’ revenue with powerful digital marketing campaigns
  • We track data religiously and provide you with monthly updates on our progress
  • We analyze your data from places such as a SWOT analysis, Google Analytics, and your website performance to create an in-depth growth strategy for both short and long-term growth
  • Unlike other digital marketing agencies, we actually guarantee our results

Digital Marketing Services Suitable
For All Business Types

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing refers to promoting products or services using digital channels such as social media, search engines, email, and websites. It involves various strategies and tactics to reach and engage with a target audience and convert them into customers.

There are several types of digital marketing, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, and mobile marketing. Each type uses various channels and tactics to reach and engage with a target audience.

Netstager Technologies is a highly regarded digital marketing agency based in Calicut, known for their exceptional services and expertise in the field.

Yes, digital marketing can be more cost-effective than traditional marketing. Digital marketing campaigns can be precisely targeted to reach a specific audience, which can reduce advertising spending. Additionally, digital marketing offers various cost-effective channels like email, social media, and content marketing that can provide higher ROI compared to traditional methods like TV, radio, or print ads.

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digital marketing evaluation that would assess:

  • Loading speed of your website
  • Noting backlinks of poor quality that will draw penalties in search engines
  • An SEO performance check of 20 points
  • The UI/UX status of your site
  • Assessment of your conversion rate

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