How CRO can impact your business

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is simply the practice of increasing the percentage of users who go on to do the desired action on a website. Be it clicking a certain link, filling out a form or adding items to the cart, the desired result that a brand intends is often achieved through rigorous and crafted CRO activities. The job of marketers is not simply to generate leads and enquiries, but to ensure that the users take the actions that would eventually result in conversions. It helps you understand what prompts or discourages a user to buy or not buy a certain product or service. This helps in a more focused CRO approach that will result in increased sales.

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Why CRO?

CRO is all about increasing the chances of a visitor to your site becoming a customer. All the web promotions that you do come down to this point where the customer has to make the choice. This is where our CRO services would come in as handy. We can help you achieve the same by optimising your website path, fostering better conversions. By studying and analysing the nature of your business, we work on what would best suit you. Something that worked in the past might not work now. So the key is to identify and design a strategy that would actually work for your business. Understanding what your customers needs are will go a long way in this direction. This is what we do and eventually achieve for you.

CRO services we offer

CRO Audit & Data Collection

We evaluate the available data and analytics and review the baselines of the website. We understand the journey of the customers and get rid of any hindrance in their path. The strategy of your competition is analysed deeply.

A/B Testing and Content Experiments

In order to understand how to increase sales, we go on to compare different versions of your site. We need to accommodate various user preferences simultaneously. For this, we make use of strategic content, design and funnel personalisation by targeting peculiar audience segments.

Optimising the campaign

We will ensure that all the marketing efforts being put in are effective to the core.

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The Netstager approach to CRO

Thorough Market

The first and foremost part of any CRO campaign is to understand the market well. Various factors including customer behaviour and buying patterns will be analysed through extensive market research and the findings arrived at will be used in order to derive the strategies that would suit your business the best.


An initial audit of your website is to be conducted in order to understand any potential roadblocks for your customers. We make use of high-end technology and software to conduct these audits. The findings will help us better the scenario by making improvements that will help your customers seamlessly be converted.

Deep analysis

The data is initially collected and then this is analysed in depth. We see if the existing strategies are sufficient in fetching the results. Designing concepts, colour psychology and a lot of factors are considered in arriving at the results that will be used for rectifying the issues found.

Testing of performance

The overall performance of the website is put to rigorous testing. All the functionalities are cross-checked and confirmed for optimal performance. Any potential problem that is preventing the customers from leaving the website without making an action is identified.


The results found are made as reports. The corrections are made in accordance with this. However, it is always a work in progress as we require constant monitoring of the site and its functions. That is why we do regularly keep a close watch in this regard and prepare reports so that we leave no stone unturned.

Our CRO plan that results in long-term progress

  • Increased effectiveness for paid advertisement
  • Sale enhancement strategies
  • We add value to the website
  • Guarantee affordable and economic methods for growth
  • Lower customer acquisition cost
  • Data-oriented decision-making techniques
  • A boost to revenue generation
  • Minimize time and cost for development
  • Techniques to outrank your competitors
  • Secure management of operations
  • Take risks to make a lasting impact
  • Learn all about your visitors
  • Boost SEO operations
  • Know your customer better
  • Quick to make changes
  • Measures to increase the customer base
  • Steps to identify and capture qualified leads
  • Tactics to improve search performances
  • We ensure improved brand equity
  • Steps to improve profit from website
  • Methods for increasing website traffic
  • Tactics to increase customer retention rate
  • Assure higher google ranking

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What makes Netstager’s CRO services different is it’s uniqueness. We don’t bother to confuse our customers with big technical jargons and names. We give them simple and effective solutions that will go on to work well in the market place. We know that you deserve more than just leads. We understand how important conversions are for your business. That is why we bring you a range of CRO services that are designed to assure you the results that you like to see.

A/B Split
A/B Split

Also known as Split Testing, this is an experimentation two or more version of a web page are shown to different visitors at the very same time to determine who leaves the best impact.

Path Analysis

This method reveals the actions the visitors to your site take before and after converting or leaving. It helps to have a better understanding of how visitors navigate through your site.

In-depth Analysis

In-depth analysis offers a deep dive in to various functionalities of your website. It helps assess problems relating to consumer behaviour and carves a path to finding solutions to address that.

Heat Mapping

Heat maps offer a graphical representation of valuable data. It helps track various information relating to conversion rates and offers a visual summary of that data for easy understanding.

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