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E-commerce websites are popular as ever. The comfort and convenience of being able to shop from where you are has revolutionised the world business scene. For brands, it has become imperative to switch on to e-commerce platforms, that come with great benefits. It is a chance to put your product where people visit frequently and foster more sales. Our team of expert e-commerce developers at Netstager know what exactly it takes to make it big in the world of e-commerce shopping. By studying your market and the business objectives, we create e-commerce websites that will bring in good revenue.

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When it comes to e-commerce, no matter what you sell, it is important to keep in mind the functionality of the site. Users always expect a certain ease in the way they shop. If we are making things more complicated for them, chances are high that conversions will not happen. This is where our adept designers and developers will play their part. We know exactly what it takes to assure that the customer will be provided with a good user experience that will prompt them to keep coming back to your site for more purchases.

The range of e-commerce development
services we offer

If you are looking to start your own e-commerce platform, plan it with the experts in e-commerce website development. Netstager offers you a host of services that will assure that you get a fully prolific site that assures excellent returns.

New B2B
New B2B and
B2C stores

As your responsible e-commerce partner when it comes to new stores, our task is to increase conversions, discover and engage new customers and ensure a smooth shopping experience.

system upgrades
Legacy system

If you already run an e-commerce platform, the legacy systems might have fallen out and will need be upgraded. We will re-design and re-platform your site to be in sync with the latest technical excellence.


Building isn’t enough. Maintenance of e-commerce platforms are even more important. We will deal with regular tweaks and keep the site updated and relevant in order to be more productive.

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What we offer when
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safe and secure
A safe and
secure store

The safety of your store will be one of our key priorities. We ensure the store security for both you and the customers.

Sales Features

In order to track orders, products and your customers in one place, your sales channel should be well connected. We can take care of this.


We will equip your site with excellent reporting tools that will empower you with the advantage of understanding customer behaviour and marketing data.


Your e-commerce website will have to powered with solid SEO in order to show up on search engine rankings. We will optimise your store to achieve this.

We work with the best
of e-commerce platforms

To begin with, we will thoroughly assess your existing online presence and monitoring tools. We select the right omnichannel that will fit your business, a factor that will positively influence your reach and revenue in the market.

Laraval E-Commerce

Laraval is PHP framework that has created big ripples in the coding world. Especially suitable for the development of e-commerce websites, Laraval can be paired with any UI technologies. It has a secure backend that doesn’t fail. You can create APIs to sync in with your existing CRM or ERP. With Laraval, payment integration and shipping integration is made effortless. Moreover, you can create really elegant e-commerce sites with Laraval.


A third party plugin that can be configured with a Wordpress website, WooCommerce helps a great deal in expanding sales capabilities. It comes with a host of unique features that will make the whole process of shopping easy and smart. It comes with systems such as Mailchimp and Inventory Management, apart from having the advantage of great extensions like PayPal payment processing.

ASP.NET E-commerce

Asp.Net is one of the most ideal platforms available for the development of e-commerce websites. This web platform developed by Microsoft is widely used to create complex applications such as e-Commerce sites, inventory management solutions and customized CRM systems. This highly reliable and performance-oriented platform accelerates the productivity of your company’s sales force. It has advanced website security and offers you various platform benefits, apart from the advantage of getting a high-quality, low cost website that would bring in assured results.

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Web Development Process

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