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SEO Audit is a key service that we offer as a digital marketing agency. This helps to understand, analyse and keep track of how the various SEO activities are faring. In a fast-changing digital world, it is tough to keep up with the moving trends. Sometimes, what you do might not be ensuring what it was supposed to accomplish. This is why it is important to have occasional SEO audits, so that strategies can be re-looked and progress can be well measured.

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Your SEO Report will comprise of the following:

Organic Visibility

Organic visibility is the key to progress as far as website is concerned. Your site visibility can be checked and analysed to ensure that organic reach is optimal. The organic keyword trends, HTTP status codes and indexable pages etc. shall be checked in order to assure maximum organic visibility.

Content Audit

Auditing of content is important to augment online engagement. Some of the services provided as part of content audit include Title Length Analysis, Alt tags Check, Title & Meta tags Analysis, Duplicate Titles, Internal Linking and so goes the lost.

Authority Analysis

We help you check your site authority, which will eventually boost your search engine ranking. Backline Profile Overview, Trust Flow and Authority Citation, Domain Authority, Link Detection that isn’t natural, Backlink Topicality etc. are taken in to consideration for analysis.

Technical SEO

Mobile First Indexing, HTML, CSS & Javascript File Errors, Site Speed & Performance, Image Optimisation & Minification, Server Response Rate Check – we deploy these activities so as to check your onsite performance with an intent to reduce load speed.

Competitor Analysis

Knowing what your competitors are up to is crucial in growing your audience. Various tools are used to measure and track this so that you can have a clearer picture of what you need to do. Organic visibility, Backlink Profile Overview and Visibility Gap Analysis are measured in order to do thorough Competitor Analysis.

SEO Strategy

Without an effective SEO Strategy, your brand isn’t going anywhere in the web space. We make use of clear SEO Roadmaps, deploy Disavows and execute On-page Optimisation and Technical Optimisation in order to have a functional SEO activities for your brand

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