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E-Commerce is the beat of the period. A business running an e-commerce business cannot manage operations without efficient payment gateway support. A payment gateway is a bridge connecting the business and the customers. This helps the customers to make online payments for a product. Safe and secure payment authorization is possible by the integration of a payment gateway with the e-commerce portal.

A payment gateway is a service that enables you to manage all card transactions with the help of a credit card provider. It is a straightforward application that works as a channel between the eCommerce platform and the bank. It is an essential part of any eCommerce site to collect payment from customers. Payment gateway integration helps the business and the customers equally. It enables customers from different parts of the world to purchase products of their choice and pay online. The business benefits from payment integration techniques as user-friendly payment gateways attract customers.

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Prerequisites and Legal compliance

A business can find several methods like API, Shopping Cart, CSE to integrate payment gateway. Before integrating a payment gateway, it is important to comply with some government policies and guidelines. The policy differs for different countries, companies and payment gateways. The policy also differs for NGOs, small businesses, personal accounts, corporate accounts, etc. There should be proper refund and service policies for companies. Comprehensive information on product return and delivery, delivery charges and other details are also required to meet policy conditions. It is mandatory to manage an efficient system to ensure the privacy and security of the customers. The payment gateway should be safe for transactions.

  • Quick to access terms and conditions page
  • Clarity regarding refund, delivery and services
  • A clear indication of Privacy Policy
  • Customer service number and other details
  • Payment options available
  • Efficient customer support system
  • Server security
  • KPI Monitoring
  • Competitor monitoring
  • Efficacious growth advise
  • Continuous improvisations

Types of Payment Gateway Services

API Payment Gateway

It is the most secure payment gateway method. The user will not have to share the user data with anyone on choosing this method.

Hosted Payment Gateways

Hosted payment gateways redirect the customers to the site of the service provider of the payment gateway. Here, the user will share data with the service provider. The user can return to the eCommerce site after the payment.

Self-Hosted Payment Gateways

Here, the eCommerce site will directly gather and manage the user data. They share only the data required for payment with the payment gateways.

Local Bank Integration:

 Small businesses can make use of this feature for improving business. This payment method is similar to hosted payment.

Payment Gateway support from Netstager

Netstager helps you to integrate with different payment gateway services. We offer API and hosted payment support to our clients. Services are offered based on the requirement of the clients. Netstager assures you a safe and secure platform for payment management. We are partners with two payment gateways Razor Pay & Insta Mojo.

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