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As more businesses and websites invest in SEO, competition for top search engine rankings becomes more intense, making it harder to achieve and maintain high rankings.

As a study abroad consultancy, it’s more important to create an awareness among the people about the details of international education. There are thousands of courses in the website, making it available to the people who is searching for it was a difficult task as we have to deal with the customers with thousands of questions in their mind.Addressing these challenges may require a combination of expertise, resources, and ongoing effort to stay ahead of the competition and maintain top search engine rankings.


Being an education consultancy website, we have focussed on effectivecontent marketing strategies that can build trust and at the same time we have provided very informative content to the audiences who were looking for a consultancy whom they can trust and provide the actual and accurate information they are looking for.


Our efforts have paid off.According to our analytics data, the website has seen a 50% increase in organic traffic, and the rankings have improved significantly for several important keywords.

Keywords October 2022 February 2023 April 2023
Study In Australia for Kerala Students 64 13 1
Study In Canada for Kerala Students 42 19 2
Study In the UK For Kerala Students 56 45 2
Study In Ireland for Kerala Students - 24 3
Traffic Charge September 2022 February 2023 April 2023
Increase In Percentage 0% 25% 300%

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