Facebook Ads to Boost Businesses

With over 2.74 billion active users, Facebook is a leading social media platform. The Facebook users spend at least 40 minutes a day on the site giving immense scope to the business ventures to send their messages to the target audience. B2B and B2C companies equally benefit from the wide reach of this social media platform for promoting products and services.

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Netstager provides the clients with Facebook advertising services at an affordable investment. Businesses of different sizes and shapes can rely on their digital marketing support. Netstager assists clients to:

  • Improve customer retention rate by creating a fan base
  • Increase Facebook engagement on all types of posts
  • Escalate referral traffic from your Facebook page to the website.
  • Prepare a solid database of prospective customers from the post viewers
  • Enhance lead and sales

Our Facebook Marketing Strategies

Facebook marketing is just a social media version of general marketing: Set Goal> Determine Audience> Create and post content> Track> Adjust> Improve. Tracking and data analysis gives better results in social media.

  • Discover the client and competitor
  • Design & Develop organic and paid campaigns
  • Create user-driven social campaigns
  • Track & optimize campaigns
  • Manage and monitor campaign
  • Generate reports and revise performance

We have a team of certified professionals from various reputed platforms like Hubspot to manage Social Media advertisements. The team works with the clients in discovering the real potential of the business. We add a creative tint while identifying suitable organic and paid campaigns. Our team ensures the performance of Facebook advertisements with proper analysis and review.

What is Facebook advertising?

Facebook advertising uses ads, posters, images, text messages and video content to reach out to the targeted buyers with the help of the Facebook platform. The ads are targeted to the users based on their preferences, location, demography and search history. Facebook advertising helps you to target prospective customers within the area of operation of the business. Affordable ads are the highlight of Facebook.

Facebook equips the advertisers to find out prospective customers based on:

  • Demography
  • Geography
  • Search history of people
  • Digital activities of people
  • Spending habit
  • Visits to the company website
What Netstager offers on Facebook?

Social media, especially Facebook, is a brand booster. Reaching out to prospective customers at frequent intervals, the Facebook ads allow the companies to maintain a cordial relationship with the customers. An informal platform, social media ensures a personalized experience to the clients.

The digital marketing wing of Netstager offers the best lead generation and sales-boosting support. At Netstager, the digital marketing team completes data analysis, market study, audience study, creative content generation and social media management. The team also generates reports and revises the game plan for better results.

We work on different categories of Facebook advertisements. Our campaigns focus on brand awareness and reach. Significant considerations of Netstager are Traffic, Engagement, App Installs, Video Views, Lead Generation and Messages. We also focus on Conversions, Catalogue Sales and Store Traffic.

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