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Want to expand your online presence to grow your business? You are at the right place. Netstager, a Google Partner, can help you reach out to an increased number of potential customers. Expertise in handling Google Ads and experience in optimizing the marketing campaigns are sure to grab you results.

We have a team of employees who have expertise in Google Ads management. Google directly offers training and support to Partners to ensure the success of campaigns. A Google Ads Certified Partner, Netstager has its website and meets other conditions set by Google to become a partner. We received the Certified Partner status as the team meets the minimum spending criteria and has enough clientele. The team, with seven years of experience as Google Partner, guarantees to implement best practices in the advertisers' accounts.

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Best Practices are:

  • Create a new email id for the Google Ads client and give access to Google Ads.
  • Our clients get direct access to the interface on depositing the required amount in the Adwords account.
  • Optimization of old and new Google Ads accounts.
  • Transparent data sharing enables the clients to check on money spent on each advertisement.

Benefits of partnering with a Google Partner

Get Expert Service

An expert service provider will ensure that the cash you invest into PPC Ads will deliver you the best outcome. Ensure the introduction of the catchiest campaigns. The support of a team that works exclusively on Google Ads is guaranteed. The team will give insight into Google Ads.

Up-to-date information on PPC

Only a Google Partner can guarantee you the latest information on Google Ads and PPC. As the digital world keeps on changing, we also need to change the modes of operation. Remain awake to bag the best result.

Experienced assistance

A Google Partner works continuously on PPC promotions and SEO improvisation. New practices are tested and proven and this experience can support the client.

Quick and efficient service

Google monitors the services offered by their partners to ensure that the clients have access to quick and efficient assistance. You can experience administrative support also from the Partner.

Work with Google

A Google partner collaborates directly with Google. Managing all PPC advertisements through Google's foundation is possible only for a google partner.

Partner with Netstager for optimized campaigns

A Google Partner assures optimum support for improving Google Ads. Different product areas addressed by Netstager are:

  • Search: Get the best support for creating and managing search campaigns. Search campaigns help the clients to find out automated solutions.
  • Video: Video Campaign is an effective campaign mode to reach new audiences across the globe.
  • Display: Compelling visual ads can be developed and implemented by partnering with our team. We aim to design efficient display strategies for your business.
  • Shopping: Shopping campaigns directly deal with business growth. We can support you to set up inventory and improve your business.
  • Apps: A Google Partner is capable of optimizing a Google App campaign. 
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