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Google Workspace, formerly known as G Suite, is a suite of web applications that can support you to grow your business with collaboration. The Google Workspace provides the customers with several features and functionalities. Google Workspace offers a suite of applications like Gmail, Google Meet, Chat, Sheets, Slides, Docs, App Maker and Cloud Search.

A Google Workspace Partner, Netstager offers complete support for Google Workspace deployment and management services. The team assists in data migration and mobile device integration. Our clients can present their business needs to receive change management solutions and other support. Google Workspace partner guarantees cost-effective services to all our clients. We also assure a user-friendly set of tools which makes team collaboration a hassle-free task.  Google Workspace can extend support to augment the productivity of businesses. The tools available guarantee seamless support for collaborating business operations. You can reduce maintenance costs, IT charges and management costs on migrating to Google Workspace with the help of a Google Partner.

Safe Collaboration with Google Workspace

Google Workspace guarantees the cloud-based collaboration of different tools and features. Designed to grow your business, Google Workspace improves employee management and data analysis. An authorized Google Workspace

Partner will help to avail professional assistance for setting up a Google workspace. It provides the clients with many significant features as below:

Quick collaboration with Google Docs

Real-time management and revision of Google Doc files are possible from anywhere and anytime. A team of employees can share or manage the Docs from their convenience.

Security of the platform

Google workspace security helps you to detect threats. The specially designed platform protects cloud-based apps from hacking by offering high-end security assistance.

Generate Work Insights

We have a Work Insight Dashboard that can assist in creating information. It helps to manage work efficiently by analyzing work and generating reports.

Predictive Writing Support

Gmail assists in auto-completing the emails by using predictive writings and suggestions.

Data merging on Sheets

Combining data and importing data with Google Sheets is possible with the Workspace.

Closed Captioning

Get a short and catchy caption to describe the content on the slides making it easier to get a quick grasp of the content.

Advantages of Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers a set of benefits to the users.

Cost-effective platform

Google Workspace is a cost-effective solution for collaborative operations. The users can subscribe to the workspace to access unlimited data storage. It enables us to pay based on your need and access eDiscovery capabilities.

Integrate with CRM

Google Workspace can be integrated with CRM tools to enhance contact management, lead tracking and business growth.

Simplified data sharing

Share your data easily with anyone. Access restriction feature also is available at Google Workspace.

Data Security

Google Workspace is a safe platform to store, manage and share data at your convenience. It helps to access doc files and other files assuring safety.

Unlimited data storage

Subscription enables the user to get unlimited data storage for applications, docs, media and data files. You don’t have to be selective while storing data.

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