Microsoft Office 365

Collaborate your team with Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is an anytime and anywhere service that will help a team to stay connected. This universal software solution ensures the effectiveness of employees by engaging them as a team. Team up for meetings, file sharing and chat with team members using Microsoft 365. Office 365 equips us to communicate securely and exchange data by experiencing a virtual work environment.

A subscription will help the whole team access Office 365 on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile phones. A user-friendly tool, Microsoft 365 can be used by people of different ages. Increase productivity and ensure the security of your data with this platform. Real-time safety scan protects communication and data sharing.

Netstager: Your Trusted Office 365 Partner

Get office collaboration support without exceeding your budget. Studying your business and analyzing your budget, we suggest an economical and efficient plan. Our expert team analyses your business, evaluates your requirements and helps you find the best solution for your business. Onboarding and training support is also guaranteed once you become a partner with us. 

The productivity of your team is guaranteed if you join hands with Netstager for Office 365 implementation. Integrating Office 365 with other tools Customer Relationship Management App, Power Platform and ERP tools are also made easy by our experienced team.

We guarantee help to prepare a technological strategy with Office 365 implementation. Netstager can help you in promoting work from home culture, a popular trend in the work sector. Get timely support from Office 365 to resolve security-related issues. You can also access security scores and analysis with Office 365 support. Our team offers threat detection and management support to our clients. We offer mobility to your office and added security to your confidential data.

Office 365 Features

A tool designed to connect employees through a safe network, Office 365 has many features helpful for the growth of your business. Virtually connect your office using Office 365 for improved productivity, collaboration, team spirit and security.

Work from anywhere, anytime:

Distance does not deter your team from discharging their duties if you are using Office 365. The team members can access the tool using a computer or mobile phone and get updated about office tasks and the progress of team activities.

Efficient collaboration of team:

Microsoft Teams is a tool that supports chats, video calls, voice calls, voice messages and other communication assistance for improved collaboration of team members.

Improved productivity:

Office 365 tools like Teams, Planner and SharePoint allow the team members to give more thrust to relevant facts.

Regular automation of updates:

Working as a team requires frequent updates about projects and progress. Microsoft Office assists your team to remain updated to avoid wastage of productive time.

Reduced security risk:

Office 365 offers high-end security features for the company. This collaborative tool averts Cyber-attacks like email-based attacks and malware.

Trust and reliability:

As a Microsoft partner , Netstager has access to the support levels of Microsoft. We bring assistance to settle technical and security issues.

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